Wednesday, August 02, 2006

10 of the 20 top ecommerce mistakes in south Africa

With more and more entrepreneurs in South Africa taking the ecommerce plunge I thought it may be useful to mention some common ecommerce mistakes.

Here are 10 of the top 20. For details on how to overcome these watch out for my forthcoming ebook, Overcoming the 20 most common ecommerce mistakes.

The Mistakes
Mistake 1 - Lack of Business Experience
Mistake 2 - Not "Looking Before You Leap"
Mistake 3 - Weak Organizational and Senior Management "Buy-In"
Mistake 4 - Financial Issues
Mistake 5 - A Short-Term Mentality
Mistake 6 - No e-Business Plan
Mistake 7 - Not Investigating the Competition
Mistake 8 - Not Fully Developing the "Compelling Reason" For Your Site
Mistake 9 - Undisciplined Growth
Mistake 10 - Unrealistic Revenue Projection

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