Friday, September 08, 2006

Top10 reasons to write a business plan

1.Waste less time in getting your idea to market.

2. Helps you distinguish between good and less good ways to move forward including opportunities for growth.

3. Use it as a summary or selling point when pitching your idea to potential investors.

4. Helps you to focus on what’s important and what is not.

5. It will help you to stay motivated when times are tough.

6. Keeping your eye on the bigger picture will help with you and your team to think more logically. Help with problem solving and communication.

7. It will help overcome procrastination and frustration which will lead to reduced time to market.

8. Writing your ideas down will lead to new innovative ways to make your product/service a success.

9. Creating a business plan as part of a team will facilitate a shared vision and combined effort.10. Daily review will help you focus on what is important in the short and long term.


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