Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Entrepreneurial learning and commitment

Many years back when I was involved in doing coaching clinics for corporate professionals, we would often get calls from people who wanted to attend, but "couldn't afford" the price. Back then, we did a full day training (including lunch!) for R400 and the focus was on marketing, managing and building a profitable private practice. The comment that "I can't afford it" always amazed me especially considering that people in reality could not see the value of investing R400 in the future of their businesses and themselves.

If there is one investment that ALWAYS returns a generous profit, it is your investment in yourself. When you invest in your skills, in your attitudes, or in your personal growth, you always win and the investment benefits you as long as you are in business!

The fact that people think that an investment in themselves is to much to pay means only one thing. The person is refusing to commit to their future.

Never stop investing in yourself and ensure that you commit to yourself and your business none less than 100%. Specifically, what kinds of investments do I suggest? Here are three key areas:

1. Personal Growth. Read for the fun of it. Go to workshops and listen to tapes. Learn to play bridge or chess or backgammon. Rent and watch the great movies of the past 100 years. Join a club or group, or take up a new hobby. Do a personal retreat, attend workshops. It doesn't take time; it expands your life.

2. Social Effectiveness. Yes, I'm talking about classes on communication, parenting, and leadership. Be the best parent you can be. Be the best lover, the best friend, the best manager. Volunteer for committees in your club or house of worship. The more people you know, and the better your social skills, the bigger your world will become.

3. Professional Skills. I remember working at a clinic when budget cuts reduced funds for continuing education, and some of my colleagues decided that if the County wouldn't pay for them, they just wouldn't go. How short- sighted and foolish! Invest in your business, in your skills, in technology and in your future.

Learn all you can. Grow, expand, stretch. Attend seminars, learn from experts. Read. Listen. Get involved!

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