Saturday, June 06, 2009

SA Business Planning Seminar Series - How we promoted it

If you want to replicate the success we are having with promoting the SA Business Planning Seminar Series Launch, here are a few greta tools. Weve had great success with the marketing of the event, and most of itis free. Thats the secret behind the low cost of the events itself. Obevious you know by now that we are using this blog as one of our main strategies, not only because of our many readers but also as its well indexed on Google. Search for Business Planning event on google and see how easy you find us.

In adition, The SA Business Planning Seminar Series Launch is broadcasted on the Open Press website this week. A great free PR tool for businesses promoting events or news the Open Press can be used by anyone with something newsworthy to say about their organisation.

This is a great free tool for small firms especially. We also used a number of other sites to get the word out such as Free Press Release as well as South Africa's premier PR website, Biz Community.

So the great thing here is that just because you may have a limited marketing budget because you want to maximize value vs price for your clients, it does not mean that you can not get the word out very fast and effectively.

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