Friday, September 08, 2006

Business idea of the week - Action Golf

Starting this week I will be bringing you the freshest business ideas from around the globe.

This weeks idea: Action Golf.
With South Africa becoming a golf haven and virtually every city and town now featuring a golf driving range why not take a leaf out of the popular (and profitable) action cricket idea and start a action golf arena in your area. This concept is being used with great success in the USA and UK by the developers of the idea, Top Golf and its sure to become a winner for an SA entrepreneur who gets in early.

The concept works on the basis that every shot is scored from a target on the course with the scores being fed back to computer scorecard in the players booth.

Upside: a real crowd puller with the first one created in the UK drawing 135 000 visitors in the first year.

Downside: Expensive to construct, with costs of around $5 mil to construct and projected break even in year 4 of operations.

Verdict: Fresh and innovative idea if you can find sufficient seed funding to support the venture. For the early bird who gets in first this can be franchised out through out the country, and hey - you can finally make Golf your living.


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