Thursday, October 12, 2006

Revolutionary Red Espresso - ground breaking or damp squid?

Following a recent article in the Cape Town Business News reporting the creation of a revolutionary new beverage called Red Espresso. The idea is that instead of using the traditional recipe of extra strong coffee, Red Espresso will be made from super strong Rooibos tea.

Now as bit a coffee and tea drinker myself I'm thinking that I drink espresso when I need a bit of a boost and tea - specifically Rooibos, when relaxing. Will the Red Espresso be extra relaxing? Further more the question beckons, is the next step to create an super relaxing version of the popular Red Bull?

As an entrepreneur I congratulate the folks who cam up with this one as it really is something that few others have thought of and no-one yet brought to market. As a Coffee and tea drinker I have to suggest a bit of cautious optimism, just because your market research suggest that consumers think its a great idea, does not mean its going to be flying off the shelf. Either way - the best of luck to.

I sincerely hope that my pessimism comes back to haunt me on this one.

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