Saturday, November 25, 2006

Idea of the week: WIFI Service Provider

This week we consider the exiting and rapidly growing field of WIFI and starting a wireless hotspot business.

For those of you not familiar with WIFI, it is simply the facility for accessing the web with a computer that is not physically connected via a telephone line or modem.

Starting a wireless hotspot business is simple. Just approach a local coffee shop, restaurant, bar, hotel, library, retail shop, fitness club, laundromat or any location where customers usually frequent or wait. Bowling alleys and marinas are also great locations. Ask the business owner if he/she would like to attract new customers, retain customers longer or add an additional source of revenue.

With WIFI already available in some areas of South Africa, now is a good time to enter this market as most laptop computers now also come ready to use this service.

Upside: There is a huge market in South Africa with every coffee shop, hotel and restaurant being a possible customer.

Downside: A bit of training may be needed and of course that ever needed skill of selling once again essential.

Verdict: A great business idea for an existing web company or for someone who is a fast learner and can get to market quickly. This is still a niche market but may not be for long.

Please contact me should you need further information and support with this idea.


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