Monday, September 11, 2006

Main problem areas in small business

In my experience there are 15 main areas where Coaching is most effective in small business and and where it has the biggest effect on the bottom line. These are noted bellow. Of course every business has its own unique circumstances. For this reason the business owner/team will work in partnership with the Coach to address these issues in the most effective way. As you read the various points below, think of your own business and write down the unique issues that you can think of or identify.

1. Lack of response to customer needs/Fixation on product

2.Far too little emphasis on performance/Fuzzy accountabilities/People can't be managed

3.Status-quo management/ "Doing the best we can" and / Employees are not near capacity

4.Missing new opportunities/ Won't give up the old/ Business as usual is addictive

5.Trying to fix the wrong problem / The reactive mind jumps quickly / Source of problem is not visible

6.Too many balls in the air

7.Sales are flat & sales people are stuck./ We need better "x" to improve results

8.Expectations set too low / Managers reluctant to raise the bar / Owner wears down due to the one-on-one management approach

9.Complacency is tolerated

10.Lack of direction/Frequent changes in priorities/Too busy to sit and decide goals

11.High stress, frequent surprises

12. Owner cannot keep pace with growth

13.No compelling vision of the future

14. Top team is not together on things/Managers operate in a vacuum

15.Owner burnout /A dream business vs an unrewarding job /Endless cycle of sameness


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