Friday, January 12, 2007

Maximizing your business potential in 2007

This week I offer my thoughts on maximizing your business potential in 2007.

Every living thing is either growing or dying. Every plant, every animal and every business is either becoming more powerful, more creative, more vibrant and dynamic, or it is shrinking and preparing to die.

How is it with your business, right now?

In the coming year, thousands of businesses will close their doors. In 2007, thousands of professionals will see their income decline, and some will give up, change careers and move on. But not you!

Let others become frustrated or stuck, but NOT YOU!

In 2007, I want your business to grow! I want you to add new products or services. In 2007, I want your business to capture new markets, improve your services, raise prices, and increase profits. I want 2005 to be your best year ever!

And, only you can make it happen. As a business owner or leader, it is your responsibility to look ahead, analyze the situation, develop and execute strategies to grow your business. Whatever other daily tasks or small jobs you do, your PRIMARY responsibility is to grow the business and now is the time to figure out exactly how you will do that in 2007.

There are goal-setting programs and exercises. I recommend using a large at-a-glance calendar, and matching outcomes with specific deadlines. In the past year I worked with many businesses of all sizes, and if a one-day retreat or consultation will help you clarify your goals and create more effective strategies, please contact me! I want your business to thrive in 2007! Let me know how I can help!

Take the time. Make the investment. Hire the experts. Take the initiative. Get away from the daily details to see the big picture and create the future you want.

The best part is that we are hosting a whole series of Big Idea workshops in February. Wy will 2007 be diffrent for you is you don't start taking action now. Give us a call on 084 908 9131 or book your seat click here.


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