Thursday, December 14, 2006

Start up opportunity of the week - Going Green

This week we consider the exiting and rapidly growing field of recycling

A whole industry is fast developing around recycling and going green. Governments around the world, including South Africa working hard to cut CO emissions and reach energy saving targets, entrepreneurs are serving a number for gaps in this market.

Examples of opportunities that exist are:
1) Establish a recycling waste collection service and convince your local municipality to pay you for doing so.

2) Become a green consultant and help organisation's to be more recycle friendly, energy efficient and improve their public image by helping the environment.

3) Create new products by using recycled material.

4) Create a recycling site where, glass, organics, metal, construction waste and paper are recycled and re-sold in usable format.

5) Import and sell recycled products to the South African Market

6) Recycle and create recycled products for export and sell to the fast growing international market.

For more details on this, there is a great website here

The business opportunities for recycling is really endless, plus you will be doing your part for preserving our home planet for generations to come. Seems like a win-win to me.

Upside: Growing market, endless opportunities, government support and grants available and a good nights sleep every night knowing you are making a real difference.

Downside: Could be cash and training intensive depending on what you will be taking on.

Verdict: An absolute winner no matter how you look at it.

Please contact me should you need further information and support with this idea.


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