Thursday, January 18, 2007

New questions for small business support in SA

Recent research into small smmes and specifically the difference between the formal and informal sectors of small business has resulted in even bigger questions now being asked by those of us who support these sectors.

Questions from the government may be how to distribute the funding and resources being made available to the small business sector? How regulate and tax the informal sector? - and if the formal sector is seen as producing more in terms of tax but the informal sector contributes more towars the GDP then where should the government be focussing its resources. Although the easy answer to this is probably on the both these sectors, the practical aspect of how this is done may be much more daunting.

From a business support perspective this also leaves organisations like ours with some serious questions to ask ourselves, not only in terms of services provided but also as far as market demands, marketing and the delivery of our services.

If you are a B2B organisation then by now you may be realising that its not only the government and business support organisations like SABusinessHub who is challenged with this problem but every organisation, formal or informal who is looking to increase its market share.

Let us know what your views are on this.

The research report here


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