Monday, February 12, 2007

SA woman entrepreneurs take the lead

With recent research by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor indicating as can be seen here that woman in South Africa are more entrepreneurial than men, the first question we are likely to ask is why this is?

If we look at the various factors that contribute to business start-ups, there may be a whole number of factors that may play a role hear.

1) Men in South Africa are traditionally bread winners looking of more secure employment.

2) Statistics show that men are still better educated than woman and this may mean that woman see entrepreneurship as a viable alternative considering their educational backgrounds.

3) The research shows that entrepreneurship is especially strong amongst African woman. Apart from the possible assumption that black African woman are simply more entrepreneurial than the rest of the population (which may be true or not true) it may also mean that this segment of the population may be forced to find ways of creating additional income streams for their families.

4) Leading from the point that woman are still lagging behind in the education stakes, but yet are more entrepreneurial, does this mean that there may be something lacking in the way that South Africans are educated? With so much emphasis being placed on getting the right education to find the right job, there may be no space for entrepreneurial thinking to make an impact.

Whatever the reason, it is something to be celebrated that our woman are taking the lead and making things happen.

The management writer Tom Peters have for years been saying that woman are better employees and managers within organisation. Now it seems that woman are also successfully making the transition from management to entrepreneurship.


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