Thursday, July 05, 2007

Business Idea: Bottle crusher for bars

This is a great eco friendly idea aimed at the bar and restaurant market.

BottleCycler Catering to the hospitality industry, Australian BottleCycler helps recycle disposable glass bottles. Their bottle crushing machine can be placed inside the bar area. Bottles are fed into the BottleCycler through an opening in the top of the device, which then quietly slices the glass into recyclable pieces. The glass falls into a regular 60L wheelie bin, which is picked up and emptied by BottleCycler, and brought to regional glass recycling plants for processing into material for new bottles.

BottleCycler's main selling point is that it reduces volume taken in by empty bottles by 80%. However, it also removes danger of staff injuries related with carrying, sorting and disposing of glass bottles, and reduces complaints about noise and broken bottles from residents living near clubs, bars and restaurants.

This business can easily be run from home initially until growth demands office space of your own.

Upside: In an age where everyone is becoming increasingly eco concerned and orientated This easy t use and highly useful and effective idea will be easy to sell and has high growth potential. Little training needed and relatively low start-up costs.

Downside: Its difficult to see the drawbacks of this business, providing reliable transportation from the manufacturer to the end user. The device may not be to difficult to copy by a technically knowledgeable person so if the idea does kick of you may expect competition in the long run.

Verdict: A great idea for entrepreneurs with a limited budget. Initial costs of stock, transportation and marketing may be relatively low compared to other business opportunities with lower growth potential. My research has shown nothing similar in South Africa yet, so the early bird is likely to grab market share.

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