Monday, February 19, 2007

Idea Borrowing - Should we be concerned?

Idea Borrowing - Should we be concerned?

To my surprise, while browsing the business section of an airport news agent last week I cast my eyes on the latest UK version of the Marketing Week magazine. On the cover is a picture of Stelios, the entrepreneur behind Easy Jet, the UK version of the no thrills airline idea and various other Easy branded businesses.

As you can see from the images below, the design is very similar to that of my book cover for Release Your Inner Entrepreneur. Is this simply a case of different designers coming up with a similar idea, near duplication of a great design or a plain case of copyright bridging?


This type of thing is seen all too often. Off course the two images are not exactly the same and yes both really originate from the original Super Man idea so you can’t call it duplication. So personally I prefer to take this as more of a compliment as this not only significantly reduce potential stress and time wasted on unsuccessful inquiries.

As entrepreneurs we are often so scared that someone will steal our ideas that we forget that the real key to a successful product is only about 10% dependent on the product itself and 90% dependent on how well we bring that product to the market and manage our growth from there.


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