Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What will small business clients buy from you?

For many years entrepreneurs and small business owners simply did not consider the services of business coaches. For many years small businesses simply could not compete with larger organizations.

Today more and more small businesses are using business coaches to fine tune their organizations, skills and competitive elements. Is it any coincidence then that more small business are now taking on larger organizations and winning?

The top services small businesses and entrepreneurs are buying from me as a coach right now:

1. collaboration/tossing ideas around services

2. goal setting/achievement

3. training (manage better, sell and market more effectively, maximizing opportunities and budgets etc.)

4. problem solving/issue resolution

5. restructuring/redesign of how the business works

6. profitability focus

7. ramping up strategies/support/structure

8. new business start up design/support

9. support during difficult times/face the facts

10. working on vs in your business - see previous blog post


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