Friday, September 15, 2006

Viva entrepreneurship!!

Traditionally entrepreneurs, not only in South Africa but everywhere where I have worked have three pet hates. First of all and the most popular of all is of course the tax man. Who do you know who does not have tax issues? Secondly, and especially in SA, off course we have the banks, who increasingly look like they, for some or other reason see small business as a huge threat to their own multi billion profit margins.

Third but not least by a long shot is the issue of red tape, weighing small business owners in all industries, but some more than others, down despite their, already against all odds, existence. Increasingly, when a small business or entrepreneur does succeed, it seems more of a miracle than hard work and clever business acumen. Luckily we as entrepreneurs all have inch thick skin, one track minds and a relentless will to endure and succeed, no matter what the odds. Viva entrepreneurship!!

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