Monday, October 08, 2007

On-line Student Tutorials

This is a much needed idea aimed at students and school goers who fall behind at school or simply want to improve their grades.

An Internet business that focuses on supplying quality tutorials on the web could be lucrative. Imagine being able to offer courses ranging from how to understand Maths, Speak and write better Zulu and how to pass the science and biology exam. The range of courses on offer could be huge and could cover every aspect of school ranging from hobbies, education, sports, business, languages and much more.

The great thing about this idea is that once it is set up, your overhead costs are really low and you really only have to focus on marketing

So if you have a bit of capital, love education and are willing to commit for the long term then setting up an Internet tutorial website could be both enjoyable and lucrative in the long term.

This business can easily be run from home initially until growth demands
office space of your own.

Upside: If you remember your school days and the frustration of not understanding Maths, science or any other subject, or if you have kids in school currently experiencing the same challenges you would know that this business idea is a winner.
Downside: Its fairly easy to start-up and once you make a success out of it you can be assured that competitors will follow.

Verdict: A great idea for entrepreneurs with IT savvy, a bit
of cash and the drive to make it work. Initial set-up costs may be relatively
low but a solid marketing plan and budget to support it is a must. My
research has shown nothing similar in South Africa yet, so the early
bird is likely to grab market share.

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