Monday, October 08, 2007

Statistics to take notice of!

If you don't yet think that effective customer service is as serous as a heart attack then perhaps today you will change your mind.

A few statistics to take notice of:

90% of customers surveyed in 2002, listed "customer service" as one of the top three things that influence their buying habits. Of that 90%, 68% listed customer service as the most important thing; above the reliability of the product or service.
Gregory and Kuchinsky 2003.

Even in purchases of the most functional products, consumers tend to be swayed more by how a product appeals to their emotion and cultural values than its rational virtues such as durability or ease of use.

Only 11 out of 100 dissatisfied customers will place a formal complaint with business, but 42% of all dissatisfied customers will tell 20 to 25 people about their dissatisfaction.

For every complainer, there are 31 with the same complaint that never say anything.

93% of all unsatisfied customers do not repurchase from the offending business, compared to the 70% who remain loyal when their complaints are satisfactorily handled.


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